2 Scorpio Communications has a wide range of experience in cabling for both commercial and residential.
Below are examples of projects we have worked on in the past.

Voice and Data Cable Install (Commercial)

Sunnyvale, CA
Install closet and 52 voice and data locations, including multiple locations in an existing Clean Room. We installed extensive conduit in their “Clean Room” as there was no drop ceiling and customer did not want to see any cable. This job was a Retrofit Upgrade, necessitating working around existing active workstations.

Little Creek/Fiddyment Farms
Lincoln,  CA
Install closet, tone out and label ALL CAT 5E and coax cabling in 2 story building, dress all cables in closet, terminate all CAT 5E cables. Activate 14 locations on 2nd floor. Provide Print showing all numbered locations. Cross connect approximately 5 phone lines distributed per customer specifications.

Mutual Fund Store
Roseville, CA
Install closet and 8 voice and data locations along with 1 coax TV location

Sacramento, CA        
Combination of tone/identify existing cabling and migrate to new locations, pull in new CAT 5E as needed. All cable into existing closet. Upon completion dress job into data rack evolved into an immaculate trunk.

Hayward, CA
Install closet and 13 locations, many runs included installing raceway, hunt and cross connect voice feeds though multiple mini closets on church buildings complex.

FSP-Freight Solution Providers
West Sacramento, CA
Install backbone link from MPOE to Customer Suite in warehouse, a small closet and 9 user locations

Woodland, CA
Install closet and 8 office and warehouse locations

Syar Industries
Lake Herman, CA
Install 36 cables into 15 locations voice and data in 5 separate structures

Install 2 cables backbone link between closet and outer building.
Install 1 location voice and data in outer building

Bass Lake Golf Course     
Rescue, CA
Install small closet in wall, pull in voice and data as well as TV coax for 24+ locations. Connect main building to office trailer. Connect DSL Feed.

Shelter for Battered Women
SAVE was the end user customer
Hayward, CA
Install SBC approved and required outdoor rated can to serve as MPOE, replacing existing poor quality MPOE which essentially was a tangled snarl of non-labeled haphazardly spliced cable. Run new voice cables to all Units in the complex, though conduit we also installed running along top edge of the buildings, and inside the Units we installed raceway to the actual user end locations. We also installed a network between Front Office and a back Unit # 9. Inside the Front Office using raceway we installed several voice and data locations as well as an actual phone system. We did this job at a cut rate because it is a Non-Profit facility fulfilling a Humanitarian Service.

Tremont Green Apartments end customer   
Davis, CA
Pull in 25 pair OSP feeder cables to 9 separate buildings. Install 66 blocks to both ends of buildings, with 1 feed cable per. Electrical contractor pulled all station cabling to units + Front Office without labeling a single cable. Tone out approximately 135 + cables. Label ALL, cross connect, test and troubleshoot contractor pulled and terminated workstations. Paint customer supplied plywood in MPOE with fire retardant Aristoglo paint 2 coats. Tone out, terminate and troubleshoot contractor pulled cables in Admin/Office building. Implemented an innovative technique for cabling Feed to the 9 buildings-as a 2 Scorpio Trade Secret I only share it with customers. 


Residential customer
Cameron Park, CA
Install small simple closet in alcove, install 17 voice, data and TV locations

Terri and Dwight    
Fair Oaks, CA                                                                                  
Residential job, prompted by a spate of Home Invasion burglaries

We also do Security Camera cabling install.

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