Wiring Gallery

We have included a number of pictures to give you a better idea of our classic style, methods and solutions.


Our standard color’s are Red, White & Blue for jacks and plates.

Where expedient we label phone and fax numbers on plates.

We leave pull strings in
ceilings, walls and conduits. Where expedient we label the feeder conduits, and leave
Prints showing Low Voltage Info.

 Endless Unique Innovative Approach Techniques.

Where expedient we label phone numbers for MPOE Feeds and/or telephone systems CO Feed.





We leave slack wherever/however possible, dress with Velcro for functionality & aesthetics.

Unique temporary phone & fax setup with labeled phone numbers.

Classic building without drop ceiling, implement stylish way run cables to cubicles without leaving bare holes in walls.

Color coded dress jobs, no open gaping holes in ceilings or walls or clunky cumbersome conduit feeds, & we leave follow strings as well.

Innovative cable management. Extensive array of tools, techniques, methods & materials make 2 Scorpio # 1.
(image of  job in progress)


If you have any questions about wiring configurations please don't hesitate to call
2 Scorpio Communications at 916-421-2446








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